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Brunswick, MO | Wabash Station
Brunswick, MO | Brunswick School
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Brunswick Area Heritage Museum

The Brunswick Area Heritage Museum, established in 2011, preserves the history and cultural artifacts of the Native Americans and early American pioneers from European and British descent who settled in Brunswick and the neighboring northcentral Missouri communities of Dalton, Dewitt, Indian Grove, and Triplett.

The museum aims to digitize as many old postcards and historical photographs from the area as possible.

Open by appointment for tourist and school visits, the 501c3 non-profit organization raises funds through campaigns, donations, and grants. Donations are tax-exempt for the donor.

Special thanks to Joe W. Ingram Trust Fund for its generous support.

Managed by: Carolyn Ross
Open by Appointment

117 W. Broadway Brunswick City Hall, 2nd Floor Brunswick, MO 65236