Sorry to See Them Go!

Over the past six months Brunswick has said good-bye to some historic landmarks: three storefronts on the South side of Broadway, the Russel Opera House & old KCP&L building, and the El-Jon Theater. While there was tremendous interest in restoring some of the buildings, the deterioration from being left empty for so long had taken its toll. Many in the community hated to see the loss of familiar landmarks, but there is tremendous excitement about the projects that will re-purpose the sites.

One such project is the courtyard. The stucco on the West wall of the area and new gutters have done much to create an attractive and inviting space for the future landscaping. A special thanks to the Redevelopment & Revitalization Committee for their unwavering commitment to make this vision become a reality and all those who have donated in so many ways over the years. The finished project will be a lovely addition to the downtown district.



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