Brunswick – “The Heart of a Jewel”

What a privilege it is to share this wonderful letter to the people of Brunswick that was sent to the editor of The Brunswicker.

Dear Brunswickers:

This weekend, I helped out with the Grand and Missouri River Cleanup organized by Missouri River Relief and headquartered at your beautiful park on the Grand. I have worked with this group for many years and have helped with cleanups and other activities, large and small, throughout the Missouri River Lower Basin. Seldom are we met with such complete hospitality and friendship as we were this past weekend.

Brunswick is a community that “gets it.” The love of their community and their river was apparent in almost everyone I talked to there. We were showered with welcome, food, help with everything, food, local history help with logistics and, oh, did I mention the food? What a pleasant experience it was to feel so appreciated for what we do.

Brunswickers should remember, though, that these cleanups cannot succeed without the support and help of the community – YOU are the real heroes of caring for the rivers as, obviously, our group alone cannot carry the load.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please be proud of your wonderful community and its wonderful citizens. You live in the heart of a jewel.

John Brady
Rocheport, MO

Thank you, Mr Brady, for your kind and encouraging words! It is not everyday that we get such a clear picture of how visitors perceive our community.


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