Resident Info.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This section of the web site has been developed as a handy resource to easily access city services information, Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce information, and so you can keep up-to-date with what is happening in our community. Take some time to browse through the links to familiarize yourself with the content. In addition, if your group or organization is planning an event, check the community calendar for potential conflicts. Don’t forget to request your event be added to the calendar when plans are finalized.

Supporting local businesses and fostering economic development are priorities for the Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce. We are pleased to introduce Brunswick Bucks to encourage residents to spend their money locally to strengthen the local economy. Supporting local businesses adds to the tax base helping our school, streets, city services, ambulance, etc.

Can Brunswick Bucks have an impact? Area communities with similar programs have enjoyed tremendous success. The seven communities we spoke with confirmed that their programs made “significant impacts” in their local economies and were “very well received.” It is a “Win! Win!” situation for all: consumer, businesses, and area residents. Each of us can make a difference; Consider giving Brunswick Bucks and support the local economy.

Looking for a particular service or product, check the Chamber Member Directory for contact information and business hours. A quick link to the Brunswick RII web site and general school information can be found under Education and don’t forget to check out the BHS Alumni page. Area Information includes PDF files for utilities, law enforcement, area hospitals, health related services, county offices, housing information, and health & safety. Please send corrections and your suggestions for additional information to

Because building for the future is a priority, the Chamber of Commerce has launched the “Brunswick Bucks” program to encourage shopping local. In addition, the City of Brunswick now benefits from the partnership with MAEDC, a nonprofit, public/private partnership that works to promote new investment in the area in an effort to increase the quality of life of our citizens. Another aspect of planning for the future is the Comprehensive Plan being implemented by the City of Brunswick. Whereas all of these are tools to building and maintaining a vibrant community, real success relies upon the citizens sharing a common vision for the future and working together to see that vision become a reality.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the web site and how the Chamber can make this a more valuable resource for the community and those planning to visit.