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Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce promotes business, industrial and economic growth in the Brunswick, Missouri area, initiating and participating in projects for the advancement of our community.

Meetings are held monthly the 2nd Tuesday of each month; we also host an Annual Meeting and Dinner in January.  See Events for schedule and location.  You can find our members identified in the Brunswick Shopping & Business Directory.


Eligible businesses in the Brunswick area are invited to join the chamber by completing the membership application. Fees range for basic business membership through a corporate sponsor. Non-profits, clubs, and individuals may also join.

Membership provides voting rights at chamber meetings, ongoing support for Brunswick city website and such community events as the city-wide garage sale, Christmas on Broadway, and Chariton County tourism initiatives.

Brunswick Bucks

Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce introduced Brunswick Bucks as a currency to encourage residents to spend money to strengthen the local economy. All local businesses accept Brunswick Bucks. They can be purchased at County Bank in $1, $5, and $20 dominations and have no expiration date. Similar to a gift certificate or gift card, they can be used for bonuses, prizes, promotions, incentives, and donations.

Supporting local businesses adds to the tax base, helping our school, streets, city services, ambulance service, and more.

To Join:
Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 104
Brunswick, MO 65236