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The Pecan Capital of Missouri

A central part of our agricultural heritage is expertise in farming pecans, the Carya illinoinensis species of hickory tree. Vast orchards in the Brunswick area produce tasty, distinctive Missouri native pecan nuts, as well as larger specialty grafted pecans.  Our nuts are sourced from national ingredient manufacturers, exported internationally, and sold in local retail shops.

Brunswick was officially declared The Pecan Capital of Missouri in 1972, when Missouri State Representative Norwood Creason secured the state proclamation. We launched our first annual Pecan Festival in October 1980, and the tradition continues. Center stage on Highway 24, visitors can visit and take photos next to the World’s Largest 20th Century Pecan replica.

Brunswick Annual Pecan Festival

Brunswick Pecan Festival, the first weekend of October, celebrates an annual theme and Brunswick’s historical leadership in the production of pecan nuts. A range of activities includes a competitive pecan pie and dessert auction, pecan cluster, and littlest pecan contests, royalty, and window decorating contests, Coach E races, parades, a quilt show, craft and flea market, and a variety of food and beverage options.

Visit the website for this year’s schedule of events and vendor information or follow Brunswick Pecan Festival Facebook Page.

April 14
National Pecan Day
June 12
National Pecan Pie Day
August 22
National Pecan Torte Day
September 21
National Pecan Cookie Day
October First Saturday
Brunswick Pecan Festival
World’s Largest Pecan next to the James Nut Hut | Brunswick, MO

World’s Largest 20th Century Pecan

The World’s Largest 20th Century Pecan still rules the Brunswick, Missouri landscape, moved from the James Pecan Farm in 2013 to a more visible location in town. The concrete replica measures 7 x 12 feet and weighs 12,000 pounds.

George and Elizabeth James ran their pecan orchards on the outskirts of Brunswick for nearly 60 years. In 1982, they built a concrete replica of their patented Starking Hardy Giant pecan, a tasty strain discovered by George on the property in 1947. Today, pecan farms are prevalent through the Brunswick area and surrounding Chariton County.

The pecan sat in front of what was once the Nut Hut roadside stand, adjacent to their home on the north side of Highway 24, one of the original US highways of 1926. The old postcard view is great — a wide angle, rendering the pecan bus-sized.

With the passing of George and Elizabeth, the pecan farm was managed for by their children – but by 2010 the farming operation ceased and the property was sold.  In 2013, the James children – Betty, Sandy, and Bill – donated the giant pecan to the Chariton County Community Foundation to be placed in Brunswick, the Pecan Capital of Missouri.

You can visit the World’s Largest 20th Century Pecan at 113 W. Broadway Street on the north side of Highway 24.

Where to Buy Brunswick Area Pecans

You can contact the following Brunswick area businesses to purchase cracked, cracked and blown, and shelled pecans.

Pecans are an excellent high-protein snack source and naturally sodium free. With more than 19 vitamins and minerals, pecans contain more antioxidants than any other nut variety, helping lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. See more nutritional information at