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Exploring Nature — Family Field Day  

Saturday, August 3, 2024

9am – 3pm

A Free Event

Kids of all ages: 0 – 99

Lunch Provided.

Where:  Diamond Dog Food Hunting Lodge — Dean Lake, MO

Learn about:  Bees and Butterflys — Bee Keeping, Monarch Butterflies, Bumble Bee Surveys; Trapping Nuisance Racoons; Prescribe Burning; controlling Invasive Plant Species;  Hunter Education; becoming a Master Naturalist; becoming a Master Gardner; Landscaping with Natives; Soil Health; our Native Prairies; MO Furbearers;   

Practice your skills; Archery; Shotgun Clay Shooting; using a Fishing Fly Rod; using a Fish Casting Rod; catching Butterflies; handling Creepy Crawlies; Plant Identification.  

Observe Demonstration of: NRCS Rainfall Simulator; the Watershed Table; MO Atlatl.

For Information contact: Doug Helmers, Land Learning Foundation, 660 247 3544. 

or Larry Pollard 660 78